1. You are not allowed to attack any sovereignty or sovereignty structures of any neutral or hostile, and especially not friendly, entities in neighboring systems or regions without prior permission from alliance leadership.
  2. The act of “cloaky camping” in any neutral or hostile space without prior permission from alliance leadership is not allowed. Cloaky Camping is defined as having cloaked-up ships in systems for longer than 30 minutes that are used by neutral or hostile entities as ratting or mining areas.
  3. Shooting friendly entities under any given circumstance is NOT allowed. Please make sure your members pay close attention when doing public fleets (like Bombers Bar, Spectre Fleet or Zarvox Thoral’s Interceptor Fleet). Shooting friendlies will result in your corporation having to pay full SRP of the destroyed friendly ship as well as given a onetime warning. Further failures to comply with these rules will have significant impact on your status within this alliance (read: you are being kicked).
  4. Market flipping (defined as buying something from coalition market and then reselling it at a higher price) is not allowed. This applies to all coalition markets.
  5. If you have any problems with anyone within the alliance itself make sure you contact their CEO first. If the problem can’t be resolved between  corporation CEOs you can then further escalate it to Darthmoll Amatin – the Serrice Council alliance leader. Your first higher up person to speak to is him and NOT any Stella Nova diplomat or alliance leader (esp.not Ruune).
  6.  Serrice Council should operate as a single entity and be seen as such. Friendliness, kindness and gratitude towards other pilots in the alliance and coalition should be a trait of all pilots within the alliance.