So, once you're in your Mining Barge and you want to keep heading toward maximizing your yields, you need to look at two things:  Exhumers and Mining Crystals.  

Exhumers make up the heaviest yielding miners (short of the Rorqual's Excavator Drones) and the T2 Modulated Strip Miners utilize crystals to improve mining performance.  In fact, without crystals, there's no point in using T2 strip miners.  This skill plan will push you to Exhumers first, then to the requirements for the T2 crystals.  The only requirement here is Mining Barges V.

Spaceship Command IV
Industry II
Industry III
Industry IV
Industry V
Mining IV
Astrogeology I
Astrogeology II
Astrogeology III
Astrogeology IV
Astrogeology V
Exhumers I
Exhumers II
Exhumers III
Exhumers IV
Exhumers V
Reprocessing I
Reprocessing II
Reprocessing III
Reprocessing IV
Reprocessing Efficiency I
Reprocessing Efficiency II
Reprocessing Efficiency III
Reprocessing Efficiency IV
Reprocessing Efficiency V
Metallurgy I
Metallurgy II
Metallurgy III
Metallurgy IV
Arkonor Processing I
Arkonor Processing II
Arkonor Processing III
Arkonor Processing IV
Bistot Processing I
Bistot Processing II
Bistot Processing III
Bistot Processing IV
Crokite Processing I
Crokite Processing II
Crokite Processing III
Crokite Processing IV
Dark Ochre Processing I
Dark Ochre Processing II
Dark Ochre Processing III
Dark Ochre Processing IV
Gneiss Processing I
Gneiss Processing II
Gneiss Processing III
Gneiss Processing IV
Spodumain Processing I
Spodumain Processing II
Spodumain Processing III
Spodumain Processing IV
Hedbergite Processing I
Hedbergite Processing II
Hedbergite Processing III
Hedbergite Processing IV
Reprocessing V
Hemorphite Processing I
Hemorphite Processing II
Hemorphite Processing III
Hemorphite Processing IV
Omber Processing I
Omber Processing II
Omber Processing III
Omber Processing IV
Scordite Processing I
Scordite Processing II
Scordite Processing III
Scordite Processing IV
Veldspar Processing I
Veldspar Processing II
Veldspar Processing III
Veldspar Processing IV