In a small corner of the Eve Universe, we were forged by the heat of our irons, the strength of our arms, and the bloodshed of combat. We've risen from the ashes of corporate abandonment to become the group we are today.

Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned veteran, enjoying the ISK making opportunity of shooting rocks and ratting in anoms, we're here to help you out and move you along. Located in the Wicked Creek region, we have systems ripe for the picking with upgraded iHubs and a swath of various opportunities waiting for your arrival. What can we offer for you?

  • Mining the best ores in 5 systems with Orca and Rorqual boosts routinely available
  • Players on in both US and EU timezones
  • Corp Ore buyout programs to immediately put money in your wallet!
  • Ice mining for Captial and Fuel block production
  • Planetary Interaction across 30+ planets, adding more every day.
  • Astrahus access with 60% base refining bonuses. (No taxes for members)
  • Players with perfect refine rates to maximize your building pleasures.
  • Multiple systems installed with entrapment and pirate detection arrays to maximize your 'ratting income
  • A VERY low tax rate of 6% on bounties.
  • Capital, T2, and T3 construction along with help building your skill plans to help build more
  • Access to Coalition transportation services to/from Jita
  • Jump Bridge network covering much of the regions next door
  • Access to a large number of different blueprints for ships and modules
  • Fitted T1 Mining frigates / Barges as needed. You just have to bring yourself!
  • A seeded local market with skillbooks for your advancement
  • PvP opportunities with our big sister alliance, Stella Nova (Member of the Vanguard Coalition)
  • What do we look for in membership?

We want players who are active, enjoy playing games with others, keep conversation, and overall enjoy the game. New Bros willing to learn, vets who can help out the others with new and different ideas; both are welcome with us. We look for that hunger to grow with the game and with the corporation. If this sounds like you, if you're having trouble trying to figure this game out, if you want some direction; we'd love to meet with you!!

So fill out an application here, send an email to Denngarr B'tarn in game, get in touch with us!! Let us help you learn and you can help us grow!

Public Website

Public Channel: Cripple Creek Boozers

Cripple Creek Comms

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